Exercises to Combine With a Flex Belt

Weight loss is a tough journey to embark on that requires a high level of commitment and work. The absab belts and exercise area is usually a place where most of us pack in the weight. This makes clothes less unflattering and not to mention swimsuits. Let’s face it we all want the great looking abs but we all don’t want to put in the grueling hours at the gym that are not at all exciting to embark on. Flex belt is a popular device that does just this through its electronic muscle stimulation which provides an electric signal to your abs much like the one a person stimulates when doing abs workouts. The belt is a miracle work in its own way but it does not do all the work for you, it is supplement. It will get you the abs you desire in a shorter amount of time if combined with a diet plan and also a work out plan. The following are some exercises that you can combine with your flex belt;

· Interval Training

Interval training is very effective due to its ability to raise one’s heart rate and dropping it quickly and repeat which ensures that you get the most from a work out and of course lose more calories. Interval training is a flexible work out that you can either do at home or at the gym according to your preference. Interval training can be done during your run, on treadmill or on a workout bike, making it extremely versatile. Combined with an Ab belt you are bound to not only get those great abs but also attain a healthy overall weight.

· Aerobics

An aerobics workout is a high impact workout that not only burns a lot of calories but also is fun than most workouts. Today there are numerous aerobics workouts that burn a normal person’s daily workout requirements in even a ten minute workout. Whether dance aerobics or regular aerobics is your preference this a great work out to combine with a belt. Aerobics can be done a home through the purchase of a workout cd or a YouTube video or go for an aerobics class at your local gym depending on your preference.

· Resistance training

Resistance training usually ensures that you burn a higher amount of calories during a shorter workout period. This is due to the fact that it you exert a lot more energy counteracting the resistance. Resistance training can use a simple workout rubber band to help you work out your abs and arms or go more hard core with an anchor chain.

· Long duration exercises

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race and certainly hurts less. Taking a walk for an hour or an hour might not seem like a high impact workout but this activity might just be shading more calories than you think. Wearing a flex belt while doing this will be helping more than double the amount of calories that you burn during your walk which ensures that your leisurely walk works much harder for you.
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The Medical Side of Abs Belt

Building six pack abs is a necessary ingredient for men who want to achieve alpha male status. results of ab beltsTraditionally, it was believed that this could only be achieved through rigorous abdominal exercises especially sit-ups. However, technological advancement has led to invention of easier methods to achieve the abs without the need to boring and labor-intensive abdominal exercises. One such technology is the Abs Belt.

Just by the sound of it, many people wishing to build six pack abs get confused. What does a belt have to do with abs? In other words, they do not know the mechanism behind the medical effects of the belts. The purpose of this article is to unveil the medical aspects of the abs belt including its mechanism of action as possible adverse effects.

How Abs Belt Works

There are several abs belts in the market currently but all use the same mechanism to produce their effects. The belt is a type of electronic muscle stimulators (EMS). Usually, the belts are wrapped around the abdomen in the middle section. It then delivers tiny electric shocks to the abdominal muscles leading to micro-contractions.

This is believed to result in toning, strengthening and firming of the main abdominal muscles including the upper abs, the lower abs and even the obliques. The belt has electrode pads which have to be attached to the appropriate places on the belly. Electrical currents pass through the muscle fibers of the abdomen causing them to contract working out the muscles without the wearer applying any independent effort.

EMS is the same mechanism that has been used for years by the medical community to maintain muscle tone in critically ill patients who are bedridden. It has also been successfully used by physical therapists to rehabilitate muscles that have weakened following injuries or surgery. The maker of abs belts based their devices on this decade’s long technology.

Medical Results of Abs Belt

Initially, the contractions lead to toning of the muscles giving the abdomen the contours which are temporary. As soon as the belt is removed, toning stops and the muscle reverse. With continual use, the muscle fibers get adapted to the toned status in the appearance of the abs. For the effects to be seen, the electrodes must be attached at the right areas of the abdomen to result in organized contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Failure to place the electrodes in appropriate areas could mean the currents flowing in inappropriate muscles such as those of the heart leading to cardiovascular problems. It is also important to remember that abs belts do not burn fat therefore may not be effective in building abs in person with poor weight management such as obesity and overweight.

For this reason, most makers of this abs belts recommend certain diets aimed at reducing body fat and promoting the deposition of lean muscle mass. Some may also recommend some exercise plan that works the abdominal muscles to contribute to the toning, strengthening and firming effects of the belt. Promoters of the belts claim they are 100 percent safe but the FDA has not approved most of them as medical devices.
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