How to Use Flex-Belt for Maximum Results

flex belt maximum results

When purchasing a product which is related to fitness and health, especially if it is for losing weight and body toning then it is important for you to know how to use it properly. Sometimes, there are few products that are been tested and proven by the people to deliver maximum results but it does not provide them with effective result because they do not know the proper way to wear it. If you want to work on toning of your muscle and get a better body shape then you should first know the proper way for using the flex belt to get maximum results. Here is the proper way for using the belt.

Firstly, you should know that what exactly this belt really is. It is a kind of belt that is been developed technologically by the medical experts. This type of belt sends out pulse to the targeted muscle particularly to the abdominal muscle area. It uses the medical grade gel pads that are been placed strategically on the major muscle area. Here is the proper way to use it.

Firstly, you are required to assemble the belt correctly. The pads should be attached to the belt by sliding the cover off the side which has pattern on it. The metal stud can be seen between the lines that are inside of the belt. The large pad should be lined up with the stud on the uncovered side. You should take the covers off the pads that are on the side of the pattern and it should be now put in to the marked areas on each side of the larger pads. You will now have to open the control panel battery cover and put triple A batteries in to it. You should now put the cover back and then slide it in to the belt until you can hear a click sound.

Once the belt is been assembled correctly, you could now use it. You just have to take the covers off the pads and put the inside of it against your abdomen area. The small pads should sit between the ribs and hipbones and the larger one should be near your belly button. The belt should be secure and snug so it does not shift while it is being used.

Next, you have to push the on and off button and then choose the program you want. This belt has different levels of intensity that you could choose according to your need and preferences. The best way to start is with the low intensity and then work your way up. Once the belt is programming, it will now start working until the set time. The belt will now shut off after the time is up.

In order to get the desired results, you will have to use the belt quite often. How often you want to use this belt depend on the results you want to achieve. When you start working with the flex belt, you should use it regularly. You will see the desired results within 1 or 2 months.
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